New Children’s Book: The Big Cheese Family

The Big Cheese Family is the first in a projected new series of children’s books aimed at introducing young readers (and probably their parents too!) to “real cheese”. Written in brief and simple verse, author & playwright Tony Jerris’ story is illustrated by Oliver Batin. With characters like “Papa Parmesan” and his wife “Brie” and […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Rupert & Pawlet

Consider Bardwell Farm is one of my favorite American cheese makers- great people, great history, great cheese. Here we have two of their best, the aged, alpine-style Rupert and the Italian toma-style Pawlet. Both were featured last year for American Cheese Month and Consider Bardwell was kind enough to ship me this year’s cheese for […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Ewe’s Blue

The good peeps and sheep(s) of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company get featured twice this American Cheese Month! Earlier, in cased you missed out I looked into their luscious “Kinderhook”.  Give that review a visit to learn more about this operation. Next up, is rich and tangy Ewe’s Blue: Ewe’s Blue is made in the Roquefort style […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Up in Smoke

Fresh goat cheese. Wrapped in maple leaves. Bourbon. Smoked over alder and hickory. Need I convince you more? River’s Edge, from the Central Coast Region of Oregon tells how they make these delicious little cheeses: “To make our Up In Smoke, we start by wandering through the woods that border the pastures, gathering big-leaf maple and […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Haystack Peak

A snappy/lightly chewy rind gives way to a dense, smooth and somewhat chalky paste with a cream line that develops beneath its ashy bloomy rind as it ages. Haystack Peak from Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy is a tangy, citric goat milk cheese, It’s rich, lightly salty, earthy with a mineral finish. REALLY delicious! Jim Schott […]

The Wedge and Wheel: New cheese shop coming to Stillwater

  Hey- that’s me!!   Thanks City Pages!!   We first spotted Chris Kohtz at the Minnesota Cheese Festival, scoping out his favorite cheeses and plotting how he\’d stock his case. We were pleased to learn his new gourmet cheese shop, the Wedge and Wheel, is on the verge of opening in Stillwater. See Also: […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Kinderhook Creek

Thanks to the many traditional European, especially Basque, cheeses made from sheep milk I’ve long known the magic that the milk of a humble ewe can impart in cheese. The Europeans have known this, known it for many centuries. Ossau Iraty, Pecorino Abbaye de Belloc, Fiore Sardo, Berkswell… and of course, true Roquefort. I love […]


Looking like something out of a Boris Karloff flick… “Brain!!!!” these little Bijou are diminutive, briefly-aged goat milk “crottin” from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery. I find them to be among the most consistent and rewarding of goat cheese made in America. The taste of fresh milk, tangy and sweet… a little bit of fresh, […]

Yes… I’m opening a cheese shop!

Can’t get into too many details yet. Still working on a lease, money, details, money, more money. Hey… it’s only money! I’ve been blessed to have the support of so many great friends and family. If all goes well we may be open by end of summer. I spoke with The Heavy Table recently about […]

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