Pecorino Brillo di Vino


Cheese: Pecorino Brillo diVino (peh-koh-REE-noh BREE-loh dee VEE-noh)

Who: Il Forteto

Where: Tuscany. Italy

Milk: sheep

Rind: natural, wine-soaked

Texture: firm

Shape: small wheel (~1.25lbs)

Flavor: a rich sheepy tang pervaded by Chianti


If you’ve ever liked “port wine cheese”, time to step up to a more sophisticated drunkard of a cheese, one that matches the sweet yet biting tang of a sharp sheep’s milk cheese permeated by the concentrated flavors of Italian red wine.

Brillo (high-spirited or merry in Tuscany) is not merely washed in wine, after a few months aging; the wheels are submerged for another month in terracotta vat-fulls of fermented rosso goodness. The zing of the sheep and zing of the wine combine to both balance and accentuate the nuance of each.

Dunno… watching a drunk sheep sounds amusing, but I promise eating this one will make anybody titter. It’s a joyful bite.


2 comments on “Pecorino Brillo di Vino

  1. […] the cheese I’m reviewing here is a variation on Pecorino Brillo di Vino. The process of making is the same or similar but it can be found made all the way to […]

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