500 posts… that’s a lot of cheese!

Mmmmm I have to make a run to the cheese shop! Thanks for your blog Chris. Love reading about delectable mouth watering cheeses!


This is my 500th post at Wedge in The Round.


That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Cheese.

I never set out with a goal of writing 100 posts, let alone 500, yet here we are.

So what was the goal? To get to know cheese. Good cheese, mind. Cheese defined by its artisan and farmstead characteristics. Small production, family farms, regional treasures. I wasn’t expecting, but have been terrifically humbled by the many followers I’ve “met” along the way. Some 300 persons follow, at least occasionally here, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Your comments and engagement help immensely and are much appreciated!

It also was an opportunity to keep using my camera. If you want to get any good at it, you really do need to shoot and shoot often. It’s been fun combining two hobbies. I’m still quite novice at both.

The deep-down secret though: this blog has also been my “continuing ed” project, a framework to focus me towards the possibility of some day earning the title of “cheesemonger” myself. It’s been a fascinating, challenging, inspiring and absolutely fun journey. There just may be news on that front in the near future.

In the year or so since it began, I’ve reviewed about 75 cheeses:

I’ve met cheesemakers in person or interacted online from Maureen Cunnie at Cowgirl to Gianaclis Caldwell of Pholia… Chris at Roelli, Andy Hatch at Uplands, Marieke from Holland Family, Shepherd’s Way… and have spent time, graciously shared with many fine shop owners and workers here and abroad. Thanks specially to the time given by the staffs at The Calf & Kid (Sheri!), Fromagination (Ken!), Cheese Plus (Steve!), Cowgirl, France 44 (Ben!), Surdyk’s, Silverlake, Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, Beecher’s, Pastoral, Reliable Cheese, Southern Season, Artisanal, Murray’s, The Truffle, St. Killian’s, Neal’s Yard Dairy, La Fromagerie, Paxton & Whitfield, La Cave a Fromage… I know I am forgetting someone. The openness and passion of the cheesemongering set is awesome.

This blog created the opportunity to be a tester/taster of Jasper Hill’s new cheese “Alpha Tolman” – a fascinating process. Big thanks to Culture Magazine for allowing me to participate in the 2012 Birth of a Cheese!

By far, the most the best part of this cheese journey was taking the  Three-Day Intensive at the Cheese School of San Francisco.


I mean, seriously… how can you not love an experience that has you doing this at 9a on a Sunday morning?

Kiri Fisher is an inspiration and a beacon in the industry. Please do visit the city and attend one of their tastings. You will not regret it. Cheese School showed the way forward towards cheese as an avocation. And, for the record, yes, we are all crazy!

I can’t read your blog on a regular basis, my brain can’t handle not having these cheeses in front of me to eat as I’m reading your cheeserific posts….

-Free Range Kitchen

Some of the best learning has come from the writing of others from around the world. I’ve reblogged and shared and promoted hundreds of features and articles from others ranging from some artisan cheeses greatest authorities, from Max McCalman to Janet Fletcher, from small publications in rural England, to news of the Italian earthquake in the heart of Parmigiano’s farmland to stories from the New York Times. I hope readers have found WITR to be, in some small way, a useful portal to the worlds, small and large, of Artisan and Farmstead cheese.

Yeah! We are so thrilled you are sharing our artisan cheese making at home project. It has really taken off and we are having SUCH a blast!

-A Canadian Foodie

And thanks again for the engagement and comments. It’s rewarding to hear that this blog might also inspire you and your blogs have all been an education for me!

I  know little to nothing about cheese. slowly, you are changing this. i can’t thank you enough for what you are doing. a glass of Nero d’avola to you!

alessandro ciapanna

Hi, I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I always enjoy your posts and want others to do so too!

–  Lois

And thank you, Lois, for your kind words and for being one of the “regulars”! Everyone’s feedback keeps this blog going and improving.

Thank you all for reading Wedge in the Round. Eat cheese!



3 comments on “500 posts… that’s a lot of cheese!

  1. Congratulations on 500 posts. That’s quite an achievement. It is a wonderful cheese community!

  2. Congratulations!! Great reading, great eating!

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