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Urner Mutschli

You little stinker!!!

Small is powerful. It’s not Limburger, not Époisses de Bourgogne… but this little Swiss wheel’s hallmark is the acrid, strong, toe-jam pungency of a washed rind, alpine-style cheese. Flavor is sharp, nutty and a bit dominated by the odor while texture is smooth like any good Swiss melter (think Emmental). You could easily use this for a strong fondue though for it’s size and price there are less-expensive options.

Urner Mutschli

This particular cheese from central Switzerland ages for 12-20 weeks before release.

The bright orange, bacterial-laden rinds of cheeses like Urner Mutschli come from repeated “washings” in salt brine or sometimes beer, wine, brandy to encourage bacteria; it is often tacky to the touch and tough on the nose, just like feet after a long day.

Urner Mutschli

Typically bright orange coloration of a stinky washed rind

Visit Seelisberg:

Cheese: Urner Mutschli

WhoUrner Mutschl, distributed by Chäs & Co

Where: Seelisberg, Switzerland

Milk Type: cow, raw

Texture: semi-firm

Rind: washed

Shape: ~1.5lb small wheel

Tasting notes: pungent, nutty and quite tangy

The next review: Bra Tenero, from Italy


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