Safety Concerns Threaten Growing Market For Raw Milk Cheese | KUNC

“Some consumers consider raw milk cheese more nutritious because pasteurization hasn’t killed living beneficial organisms in the milk. But not pasteurizing milk can also allow harmful bacteria to live.


Credit Abbie Fentress Swanson / Harvest Public Media

Raw milk cheese — which is made from unpasteurized milk — has gathered a small but fervent following for its taste, nutritional benefits and freshness. But there’s a growing concern over its safety.

“I feel like it was part of the pasteurization process that makes [dairy] unavailable to me and so the raw cheese I could eat,” said Sunyata Markey, 38, on a recent shopping trip at Clover’s Natural Market in Columbia, Mo. She has been a fan of raw milk cheese most of her life because her blood type makes it difficult for her to digest meat and dairy products.”

Listen to the radio story via Safety Concerns Threaten Growing Market For Raw Milk Cheese | KUNC.


3 comments on “Safety Concerns Threaten Growing Market For Raw Milk Cheese | KUNC

  1. it is good to remember that people used ot never pasturize their milk I don’t remember them dropping like flies, and when they made cheese salt, salt prevented the bacteria. raw milk is only a problem when the conditions of getting it are dirty. pasturization only benefits the corp because they don’t have to be clean in their production of getting it. it had nothing to do with safty and everything to do with increasing profit. if I could get raw milk I surly would drink it. they speak about raw eggs too, do you realize many of my friends family and I ate alot of raw eggs when I was young being a daily thing and never got sick. of course chickens were healthier back then considering how long ago that was, and no, Iwon’t tell you, lol. so safty has always been the cry for restriction people’s choices or to monopolize a industry whichever comes first.

    • Some good points- though we have been pasteurizing here in the states for 80 years so m=none of us remember the times before-
      There are increased risks- and I understand the concerns that if all milk was raw- that the percentage of illness would likely go up.

      Nonetheless- you a very right that it is about cleanliness- I personally do not believe that the mass-market food chain can produce raw milke in a manner large enough to feed the demand and keep illness low- and too many people wo ill not pay enough attention to handling and that will cause trouble.

      But for CHEESE – it takes care of itself very well, especially in aged cheeses. The energy some local authorities put into enforcing 1 small farm breaking the rules versus whole plants with unsafe practices is saddening.

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