Cheese blues: Stilton under threat as young steer clear of mould

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Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

“Blue Stilton cheese is under threat – because young people are afraid to eat the mould.

Sales have fallen among younger people, with most buyers nearing middle age.

The Co-operative supermarket’s cheese buyer Mark Cloudy has urged TV chefs to use Blue Stilton to boost its popularity with youngsters.

He said: “This cheese is part of Britain’s heritage. We can’t stand by and let it fade away – yet the people who like it are getting old.”

via Cheese blues: Stilton under threat as young steer clear of mould – Mirror Online.

And more here from the Daily Mail

“’Millions of young people have been taught not to eat food with mould on it, and that view is having a catastrophic effect upon Blue Stilton. They take one look at the blue veins running through the cheese and then turn away.”


4 comments on “Cheese blues: Stilton under threat as young steer clear of mould

  1. […] Blue Stilton cheese is under threat because people don’t want mould as explained by Wedge in the Round. […]

  2. Gosh, as a cheese lover, that’s a pretty ridiculous and sad reason for a decline of a cheese!

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