Artisanal Goat Cheese in the Dordogne – France Today

Artisanal Goat Cheese in the Dordogne – France Today

“…Asked whether the farm’s turnover suffers because their goats roam free in the fields and woods, rather than being kept indoors with regulated feed, the Foucauts reason it’s more important that the resultant milk is rich and of good quality, rather than of great quantity, in order to make the best cheese. “Our goats have […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Up in Smoke

American Cheese Month 2013: Up in Smoke

Fresh goat cheese. Wrapped in maple leaves. Bourbon. Smoked over alder and hickory. Need I convince you more? River’s Edge, from the Central Coast Region of Oregon tells how they make these delicious little cheeses: “To make our Up In Smoke, we start by wandering through the woods that border the pastures, gathering big-leaf maple and […]

American Cheese Month 2013: Haystack Peak

American Cheese Month 2013: Haystack Peak

A snappy/lightly chewy rind gives way to a dense, smooth and somewhat chalky paste with a cream line that develops beneath its ashy bloomy rind as it ages. Haystack Peak from Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy is a tangy, citric goat milk cheese, It’s rich, lightly salty, earthy with a mineral finish. REALLY delicious! Jim Schott […]

Capriole’s Judy Schad talks goats, cheese

Capriole’s Judy Schad talks goats, cheese

One of my favorite US artisans! Doesn’t it often seem the people who become legendary, who make a name for themselves in their art, do so almost accidentally? They think they’re on the road to one thing, laying the best plans, but take an unexpected turn and find themselves surprised by wild success. Such is […]

Chèvre in Blue balanced, friendly, easy to eat

Chèvre in Blue balanced, friendly, easy to eat

The weekly cheese review from Janet Fletcher! è The current issue of Culture, a publication devoted to cheese (yes, that kind of culture), includes an article about domestic blue cheeses from goat’s milk. Such cheeses are uncommon, which was the point of the story. In all of Europe, you won’t find many goat milk blues, either, […]

Maine Cheese Guild: Open Creamery Day Sunday October 13th

Maine Cheese Guild: Open Creamery Day Sunday October 13th

With the arrival of Fall, comes too many events along America’s many cheese trails- what could be better than Maine color, weather and… a cheese tour?!? As the hardwood foliage bursts in a blaze of colors on Columbus Day weekend, take in the spectacular sights and taste some award-winning cheese during the Maine Cheese Guild’s […]

Cheese Pilgrims Revere Petaluma

Cheese Pilgrims Revere Petaluma

“Capricious” is one amazing goat cheese- have you had it?? Though the Pacheco family has owned Achadinha — named for a town in Portugal where the family patriarch was born — since 1969, the farm has gone through several iterations. After being a cow dairy for almost 30 years, Achadinha made the transition to goats […]

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