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Five West Coast Cheeses You’ll Love – The Culinary Life

Five West Coast Cheeses You’ll Love – The Culinary Life

Cheesy friend Stephanie shares with us Five West Coast Cheeses You’ll Love – The Culinary Life. Unless you’re living under a rock where no cheese exists, you’re probably aware that the West Coast is home to many inspired varieties of artisan cheeses. We’ve got coastal breezes, temperate weather, and rich grasses that quite literally spread for […]

Weirauch Creamery, sheep’s milk cheese, cheesemaker interview

Check out Kirstin’s interview, the latest from It’s Not You, It’s Brie. Hard, but rewarding work running a dairy: “…Yes, our days are long and there are many times when I am ready to eat and relax but I have to head back up the hill to finish the evening chores – feeding and watering […]

Funky Bleats – a superb cheese with a silly name

Funky Bleats – a superb cheese with a silly name

I am very happy to say that Janet Fletcher’s weekly musings on great cheese are now back outside the SF Chronicle paywall! Will Seana Doughty be sorry, years from now, that she christened a cheese Funky Bleats, a name that doesn’t exactly convey the timeless dignity of, say, Stilton? Or will she be too busy […]

Cheese Pilgrims Revere Petaluma

Cheese Pilgrims Revere Petaluma

“Capricious” is one amazing goat cheese- have you had it?? Though the Pacheco family has owned Achadinha — named for a town in Portugal where the family patriarch was born — since 1969, the farm has gone through several iterations. After being a cow dairy for almost 30 years, Achadinha made the transition to goats […]

Cheese Shop offers a slice of life

Cheese Shop offers a slice of life

The Cheese SHop in Carmel is celebrating 40 YEARS in business. Congrats!!! When the Cheese Shop opened in Carmel-by-the-Sea in 1975, most deliveries came from Europe by way of an 18-wheeler from the East Coast. And when those big rigs roared into the quaint downtown, the local constabulary had conniptions. “These big trucks would show up […]

5 Great Cheese Shops That Go Above and Beyond the Call of Dairy

5 Great Cheese Shops That Go Above and Beyond the Call of Dairy

Cheesemongering is a growing industry in Los Angeles. We now have close to 40 shops selling the best of what cows, goats and sheep have to offer (that doesn’t even count the upcoming vegan cheese shop from Tal Ronnen). Far beyond cheddar and Brie, you can sample unique curds from Tasmania, nibble on funky goat […]

GREAT JOB OPP!!! Mission Cheese is hiring (SF)

GREAT JOB OPP!!! Mission Cheese is hiring (SF)

Hey friends- As a soon to be owner of my own cheese shop, one of the most important challenges I face is finding good great the best the most passionate, friendly, engaging, entertaining cheesemongers on the face of the planet to work the shop. My colleagues at Mission Cheese, an incredible, inspiring and just plain fun place […]

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