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Cultural Affairs: The Garrotxa Anomaly – Max McCalman

  “The best wine for goat milk cheeses is Sauvignon Blanc, right? To lump all goat milk cheeses into the Sauvignon Blanc fiefdom is not something to assume as a given. There are many variables to consider beyond species. The choice of cultures employed in cheesemaking plays a prominent role, both the starter and secondary […]

New Sacramento Cheese Shop Opening this Week

New Sacramento Cheese Shop Opening this Week

Turns out, Sara Arbabian did not succumb to foul play, is not pinned beneath a giant cheese wheel, does not have a cat that nested on her keyboard and, best of all, is not intentionally ducking the press.  After a bit of nudging, I finally caught up with a very affable Arbabian to hear about […]

Red? White? Bubbles? Beer? Yes.

Red? White? Bubbles? Beer? Yes.

I was home visiting family recently and, at a local establishment, overheard a conversation by a “he who must be an authority on all things” proclaiming that “only red wines are truly the proper pairing for good cheese.” Wait, what? Never mind that the cheese in discussion was not particularly “fine”… his comment is an […]

Pecorino L’Ubriaco

Pecorino L’Ubriaco

  This cheese turned out to be a bit of a mystery, the cheesemonger couldn’t tell me who the specific maker was, that’s not terribly uncommon for a style of cheese made by many… but what really through me was the description that said this was a cow’s milk Ubriaco or “drunken cheese”. Now, while […]

Bachelor of Science in… fermentation?

Bachelor of Science in… fermentation?

Colorado State University has a proposal for lovers of beer, cheese and wine: “Once I got into beer and fermentation, I bought and owned everything (books). I was addicted to the science of fermentation,” Poland said. “I did my own schooling.” After a decade working with the fermentation of beer, Poland opted to become his […]

Growing Together: Winemaking Begets Cheesemaking on Pennyroyal Farm

Growing Together: Winemaking Begets Cheesemaking on Pennyroyal Farm

Nice story by Jim Clarke for Culture: Sarah Bennett was working on her master’s degree in viticulture and enology at the University of California–Davis when she met and befriended Erika Scharfen, who was studying animal science and had previously worked as a cheesemaker in France. When Scharfen came along to a wine department get-together, “she […]

Cheese Meets Madeira: This One-of-a-kind Style of Wine is an Intriguing Partner | Culture: the word on cheese

Cheese Meets Madeira: This One-of-a-kind Style of Wine is an Intriguing Partner | Culture: the word on cheese

I’m not all that experienced with Madeira but have had it with cheese enough to know that it can make for some exciting pairings with cheese, as Tara Q. Thomas writes for Culture (photo by  Thorsten Roth). Excerpt: In the annals of weird wines, Madeira is way up there. Produced on a tiny island some […]

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